Social Networking Reflection

What are your initial reactions about joining these social networks for use in this course?

For EdTech 543, our first assignment was to join Twitter, add to our class Diigo site, and start a blog. My initial reaction to starting a Twitter account was panic! I have been able to avoid joining Twitter until this point and I am a bit nervous to be on this social media platform.  After reviewing all of the Twitter resources on EdTech 543 and actually signing up for an account, I felt more informed about the benefits and challenges of joining. Twitter can be a great tool for keeping up to date with the latest EdTech trends and resources. Twitter can also be beneficial to connect with like-minded educators. But beware-it is possible to go down the Twitter rabbit hole and get lost in distracting tweets. Keeping organized and choosing wisely who to follow will make the Twitter experience constructive and valuable.

What is your experience in using social media for your own professional development?

This is the first time I have started a blog with WordPress, and I am excited to get started. I have used a Bog in the past, but not for professional purposes. I currently use Diigo and it is a very helpful resource for educational technology sites and information. I also use LinkedIn and Facebook for professional and educational purposes. These sites help keep me informed about upcoming workshops, conferences, and career opportunities. They also help me stay connected.

What is your experience in using social media as an instructional strategy in your learning environment?

At my workplace, I currently use MyFitnessPal to connect with my Diabetes Prevention Program participants and collect their food and activity diaries. I also give them helpful feedback on diet and activity ideas and share motivational links. I have also used Edmodo in the past with my 5th graders. The purpose of using Edmodo was to connect my students together by posting educational discussions and shared resources for research purposes.

What are your expectations for this course?

By the end of this course, I want to learn how to integrate social media more efficiently, effectively and safely in my class and lessons. I would like to learn how to do this in online and blended learning settings. I also want to learn how to use social media to benefit my continued educational endeavors and make more professional connections.